Land Owner Services

Over the last few years, the government of India has imposed various regulations on land owners, which has made owning a land and renting it have transformed into a complicated affair. With its commendable understanding of the government regulations, Ganvin helps landlords preserve their rights and comply with all the necessary laws and regulations.

At Ganvin, we seek a fair legal and regulatory environment for landlord and tenant, and actively lobby the government at all levels on behalf of our customers. We educate our customers on their legal rights responsibilities. The company has a well established network of regional representatives and branches that can connect with local authorities to get the best possible deals. We also help landowners to safeguard their properties from anti-social elements. Other services provided include checking and converting the land usage, obtaining necessary approvals from government for conversions, showcasing the property to prospective buyers or builders and so on.

Owning a property may be easy; But managing that is not!

  • Large scale land management in terms of safeguarding the boundary and keeping encroachers at anti-social activities at bay.
  • Checking and converting the land usage.
  • Obtaining necessary approvals from government for conversions.
  • Showcasing the property to prospective buyers or builders.
  • Ensuring maximum capital appreciation.
  • Individual Property development.
  • House/Apartment/Villa – act as the local guardian for the property.
  • Obtain in terms of managing them in their stay and vacating.
  • Rent fixation and collection, property related taxes payment in time.
  • Maintenance of property, Painting, Plumbing, Electrical, carpenter.
  • Commercial Property.
  • Facility Management.
  • Rent Collection.
  • Payment of property related Taxes.
  • Getting new customer and relationship building with existing customers.