Farm Tourism

Farm tourism in India is is a relatively new concept. Being an agricultural country, India has tremendous untapped potential for developing Farm Tourism on a large scale and this can be achieved without much of an investment. Our farm lands include plantations of Tea, Coffee, Rubber, Pepper, Coconut plantations, Cardamom and Ginger, and paddy cultivation.

It is also possible to convert the cropped areas of the state as tourist attractions with minimum intervention in nature. The benefits thus derived from this tourism can be directly transferred to the farmers. The various schemes underway are intended to prepare the Farms/Plantations to receive tourists by presenting a positive image of the farm and of agriculture as a whole, in view of revitalizing the agriculture sector through tourism.

Ganvin has already proposed farm tourism by setting up a wildlife adventure resort in Coorg (about 25 km past Sakleshpur). Our farm tourism model encourages cultivation by the land owners and at the same time, opens up whole new avenues of tourism for them. This ensures that they get assured returns from their investment in land.