We are Consultants for project execution in turnkey constructions, provides tailor made services to different business houses across glob, develop and market social media apps & software for community development and better communication, Construction and property development division handles commercial and residential property development across segment also we act as channel partners for sale of residential, commercial and plots for various real estate India developers. All investors are advised to exercise caution at the time of investing and to read through the developer agreements carefully before investing. All information in these website are the indicative norms for our business and we are not holding any responsibility for any misuse of information in any form of terms, our presence shown in the web site are the fusion of existing and proposed location, upcoming projects are based on the business discussion hence these information is not an actual offering hence we are not taking any legal bounding for the same. The pictures and graphics are used in this web site are the indicators and not the actual or coming in the future.