Commercial Projects

A plethora of commercial projects have mushroomed in India off late. The construction of commercial properties in the country has been reinforced with the advent of modern technology and emergence of companies like Ganvin, which bring new levels of commitment and professionalism to the table.

Apart from a high degree of knowledge in executing state of the art commercial projects, Ganvin also has commendable knowledge about applicable laws, and the skills to negotiate with local authorities, representatives of local residents and business owners. The company provides client focused account teams and delivers client specific projects in areas such as offices, retail, industries and entertainment.

Ganvin has the knowhow and expertise to cater to the ever evolving requirements commercial constructions. The company delivers the goods through its battery of highly skilled professionals who are adept at handling commercial real estate projects of any magnitude, any nature.

  • Development of multi focused commercial ventures.Turnkey construction.
  • Partner tie ups.
  • Facilitating private equity.
  • Joint development.
  • Land acquisition.
  • Project marketing.
  • Fund raising from reputed NBFC, Banks & HNI.